8,5M people watched the League of Legends Season 3 World Championship computer game finals online.
1,7M people watched the USA vs Germany 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil finals on WatchESPN.

5M EUR was the prize for the winners of The International 2014 Dota2 computer game finals.
2,5M EUR is the prize for first 1st place winner in singles of the US Open 2014 tennis finals.

Professional competitive videogaming (e-sports) is one of the fastest growing forms of multimedia entertainment worldwide.

Channeling the vying spirit of passionate gamers, e-sports take video gaming beyond the boundaries of the simple single player or multiplayer experiences. Driven by the desire to excel in their field, the e-sport athletes compete against their rivals for fame and riches and to inscribe their names in the pages of history.

Although e-sports started as a niche entertainment for a handful of enthusiasts, nowadays the scene engulfs millions of fans and reaches every corner of the world. Contemporary e-sports fill stadiums and concert halls during major offline events or glues massive audiences to the online streams as they flock to watch their idols compete.

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Influential, social, technically affine and passionate, the gamers and e-sports fans are an alluring target group. Primarily composed of young males in between 18 and 34, the e-sports demographic is always open minded but ready to pledge its loyalty to the brand which delivers quality experience.

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