The company

Providing top quality e-sports consultancy and services,
GosuMedia’s goal is to shape the identity and improve the awareness of the brands which share our cause.

A rising company run by seasoned e-sports professionals, GosuMedia was established to cater for the growth and business expansion of not only but e-sports in general. With industry trends demanding a more clear-cut segregation of the business-to-business and business-to-customer fields, we knew we had to take the next step and build something our clients can rely on.

Whether you’re already a part of e-sports or are new to this domain, we are confident that our ideas and solutions will help you deliver your message to our audience, expanding your recognition and exposure.

14 years

of action

7 games


24.2 million

users in 2015

31 142


over 100


200 000

social media followers

Throughout the years we’ve not only gone through all sorts of up’s and down’s of the industry, but also learned plenty of important lessons:

  • How to promote the brands that help us on our mission to engage a global e-sports audience
  • How to use the same approach across different regions for effective marketing campaigns
  • What to do when ambitions are high, but budgets are tight


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